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Once again be the local flower artisan, with your own style and approach; Register your business and stay true to yourself!

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Looking for skill and creativity based growth?

Masterflorists introduces a new era in online floristry. With a distinct vision and the support of partners and friends from the industry, we bring the core values of floral craftsmanship, quality and service back to the forefront.

Committed to change!

Masterflorists strives for florists to work together more, whether they are in the same region or another country. Therefore our first stage is focused on putting florists on our interactive map, with a linked profile and website that showcases direct contact details.

So register now, it's completely FREE and join us in this initiative for growth and change in our industry!

Our mission

We believe in true craftsmanship and that the passion and skills of local florists offers a valuable product and service to consumers.

At the same time we see that the starting point of many shopping experiences today often starts online. To entice consumers, inspire and bring repeat business to real florists, we came up with the idea to develop an attractive and fresh platform here where the florist themselves can be found by other florists and consumers alike!
Where the artisan can offer their own creations, and can tell the story behind flowers, while making valuable recommendations.
Our platform will continuously evolve, offerings florist's new options to promote efficiency and growth in their business.

Our platform will continuously evolve and florists will be involved in new options and capabilities so that it can be used to promote efficiency and growth for all.

Do you recognize in these six success factors?

"We can seduce customers and bring them our passionate world of flowers"

"Success is largely determined by our skill, personality and quality of creations"

"Always be prepared to learn and make new connections"

"We are known as the local flower ambassador"

"As an independent contractor, we are masters in our own house"

"We focus on sales and profit on the basis of creativity and unique skills"


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Want to get involved?

We're currently a small team of professionals with backgrounds in floristry, sales and web development. If you'd like to join us on an interesting journey we'd love to hear from you! At the moment we're looking for someone with good design or community building skills to join us. However if you have a desire and other skills/resources you can offer we love to hear from you!

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